Royal Mail Strikes

One of our suppliers just emailed us with this snippet of news:

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has called on its members who collect, sort, and deliver parcels and letters to take strike action on the following dates:
Friday 26 August 2022
Wednesday 31 August 2022
Thursday 8 September 2022
Friday 9 September 2022

A news item dated 10 August 2022 on the CWU website has more information:

Around 115,000 postal workers have been called out for four days Friday 26th and Wednesday 31st August and then Thursday 8th and Friday 9th September in what will be the largest action of this 2022’s Hot Strike Summer.
As soon as the action was announced yesterday evening by our general secretary Dave Ward and deputy general secretary postal Terry Pullinger CWU reps all around the country got busy mobilizing and setting plans in place for the battle ahead.
CWU News asked our Divisional Representatives, senior field officers of the union, for their immediate reactions.

My Comment

I guess “have been called out” means that they are asking all members to abide by the decision and strike, and not break the strike. I wonder what the plans are that have to be put in place.

If I understand the rules correctly, unions have to give seven days notice before a strike can be called. It is 22 August now, and the first strike is being called for 26 August, so I guess a ballot must already have taken place last week, at the latest.





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